(A repost from Pentecost 2013)

Recently, I went to a watch repairman to have my wife’s wristwatch fixed. He examined it for less than a minute and then said to me, “Sir, kalawang na po. Pwede kong remedyohan pero titigil din uli. Bumili na lang po kayo ng bago.”

How I wish it was that simple when it comes to life.

When we sin. When we make mistakes. When we fall.

“Kinalawang na e. Ayaw ko na ang buhay na ito. Bibili na lang ako ng bago.”

Oh how many of us would trade anything just to go back in time, perhaps, to make things right again.

The battered wife would say she wished she didn’t rush into that marriage… and into that nightmare.

The convict would give anything to undo what he did.

The addict remembers and regretfully remembers his first puff.

The priest who fell in disgrace wished he turned his back from that temptation and away from that room.

Broken dreams. Broken hearts. Broken spirits.

Last night, as I attended our community’s Pentecost vigil, my eyes, for a moment, rested on the image of Christ on the cross. Then a glimmer of hope crept into my heart. When Jesus died on the cross, he knew exactly what my sins and my mistakes would be and yet he died to pay for them all. He didn’t say, “Bob, that sin is too much. Sorry, boy, can’t die for it.”

Christ died for all our sins — those that we committed, those we continue to commit and those that we have yet to commit. NO EXCEPTIONS.

Christ died for all our blunders — those that were unintentional and those that were maliciously intended. NO EXCEPTIONS.

Christ died for all our weaknesses — those that we were born with and those that we have acquired over time. NO EXCEPTIONS.

And because of this, we all have the ability to start again. Because he paid for our transgressions IN FULL.

Has anybody paid a debt you owe somebody else? If you haven’t then it will be hard to understand what Christ. But if you are like me who have been a recepient of other people’s generosity time and time again, then you know what it means to be freed from a burden and to be given a clean slate and a fresh start.

We are often told that to be “in Christ” is to turn a new leaf. I beg to disagree.

To be “in Christ” is not just to turn a new leaf but to be given a new leaf all together. 
Not a repair. Not a “patch up” job. Not even an overhaul.

It’s new.

New life. New beginnings. New chances.

Today, on Pentecost Sunday, I invite you to ask the Holy Spirit to give you the ability to take full advantage of this new life that Christ has given you. To make it work. To make it shine. To make it count.

A blessed Pentecost to all!

Bobby Quitain

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