Bible Catechism – Lesson 1

Lesson 1:
Bible Definitions

1. What does the word “Bible” mean?

The word “Bible” means “book.”

2. From what language is the word derived?
(Etymological definition)

From the Latin “Biblia,” which in turn comes from the Greek.

3. Is the Greek word for what we call the “Bible” in the singular or in the plural?

In the plural, which means that it should be translated “the books”.

4. Why did the Greeks use the plural form?

They used the plural form because the Bible is not one book but a collection of books.

5. Is the Latin word for what we call the Bible in the singular or in the plural?

It is in the singular and, therefore, should be translated “the book”.

6. Why does the Latin use the singular form?

Because the Bible is the most important book there is, since it is the Word of God.

7. What does the Bible contain?

The Bible contains chiefly a history of God’s Revelation to mankind.

8. What does the Bible give us in addition to the history of God’s dealings with mankind?

In addition, the Bible gives us instructions in faith and morals.

9. Does the Bible give other instructions?

Certain books give detailed instructions for the carrying out of religious worship in the Old Law.

10. Did the Bible, as some seem to think, fall from heaven?

No; the Bible was written by man.

11. If the Bible was written by man, why do we say it is the written word of God?

Though written by man, we can truly say it is the written word of God, because it was written under the inspiration of God. 

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